Updating older Umbraco packages

In a recent post, I outlined some of the reasons for upgrading Umbraco and how best to approach the challenge. In that post, I mentioned that you are likely to have a number of issues with custom packages or custom data types. Below is a rundown of some of the examples I have encountered. If you have found others, it’d be great if you could add to the comments section and I’ll look to edit this post with extra details in the hope that it can become a valuable resource.


This is basically a list of packages which I have come across via a previous upgrade to Umbraco 7+. Quite a few will have a version that works with Umbraco 7+, others will simply not work. Where possible, I have included a suitable upgrade path.

Package Description v7 support? Alternative
AttackMonkey Custom Menus used to disable delete/copy/move etc on some content nodes, to idiot proof the CMS (e.g. Stop users deleting the home page) Yes (v2+)  
AttackMonkey Tab Hider used to hide some of the tabs on content types from certain users (e.g. Only admins can edit the SEO tabs) No  
AttackMonkey Security security helper, password strength validation No Membership provider regex
AutoFolders used to automatically organise news type content into Year/Month folders No DateFolders / uDateFoldersy
CMSImport used to import content from an old CMS Yes  
Config Tree allows you to view all the site config files in the back office Yes  
Contour used to provide forms Yes (use latest)  
Contour Contrib adds some additional functionality to Contour, e.g. Recaptcha Yes  
DAMP used as a replacement for the built in media picker, as it offers more functionality No Built in
DocType Mixins plugin to allow DocType composition in earlier versions of Umbraco Sort of Doc Type Compositions
Embedded Content allows for repeating content structures within a single page No Archetype / Nested Content
FamFamFam icons adds additional icons for use in the content tree to represent Document Types No Built in / packages
Google Maps for Umbraco Data Type that allows the selection and rendering of Google Maps No Alternative packages available
ImageGen allows image resizing and compression Yes Image Processor
Mass Replacer bulk find and replace actions for Umbraco back office, occasionally used when site wide brand names need standardising etc Maybe  
Media Icons displays file type icon rather than the built in ones in the Umbraco media library No  
Open Calais Autotag can be used as a replacement for the tags data type in earlier versions of Umbraco No  
Path Fixup This is a developer dashboard control to fix database issues N/a Fixed
Repeatable Custom Content A datatype which allows adding repeatable custom contents/child nodes. No Archetype / Nested Content
Robots.txt allows you to view the robots.txt file for the site in the back office Yes  
Structure Extensions allows you to set default Document Types for child pages Maybe Built in
uComponents used for various additional Data Types No Built in
Yoyo CMS Tag Manager a plugin that adds an additional section to the CMS allowing you to visually view and manage all of the tags used on the site Yes (v3+)  

Data Types

Ok, so this one is more of an extension to the packages section above, but I figured it’d be useful to separate the two.

Property Editor v7 support? Alternative Conversion
DAMP No Built-in media picker  
Embedded Content No Nested Content Manual
Form Picker Yes    
Google Map No Package  
Short URL Field No Textbox?  
uComponents: Multiple Dates No Package Manual
uComponents: Multi-URL Picker No Related Links Manual
uComponents: URL Picker No URL Picker XML to JSON
XPath DropDownList No MNTP  

As mentioned before, this is by no means a complete list but should offer some guidance for others who come across a similar task. You might have an existing site or customer who uses some of these packages and been holding off an upgrade. It’s easy enough to figure out what the outcome of such an upgrade will be, so I’d say give it a go and figure out what breaks (if anything).

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